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Welcome to Western Washington Realtist (WWR)

Local Board of NAREB

"Democracy in housing" is our motto.

Our Realtist organization is an integrated entity open to all qualified professionals who are committed to achieving the mission of Fair Housing.

"When the conversation involves Black Homeownership Western Washington Realtist will be at the table"

Nicole Bascomb, Immediate Past President, WWR

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Democracy in Housing

The Black Millennials Experience in Seattle, Washington




Experience Disproportionate Homeownership


Denied nearly 3 times the rate of White millennials (6 percent)



Homeownership through Advocacy, Activism and Action

“Reimagining the Dream of Homeownership through Advocacy, Activism and Action” / When the conversation involves “Black Homeownership in the State of Washington – Western Washington Realtist will be at the table!


We advocate for public policies that protect and expand sustainable homeownership.


We promote homeownership through democracy in housing and civic engagement.


We have a strong social activist history and culture of vigorously supporting equal opportunity and fair treatment for the Black Community in housing.



Message From Our President

Greetings to all members and partners of the Western Washington Realtist,

It is with great honor and a deep sense of responsibility that I step into the role of President of the Western Washington Realtist. As I take the baton from Nicole Bascomb-Green, who has admirably led this board with grace, dedication and vision, I am reminded of the immense legacy we are a part of. Nicole's leadership, following the pioneering efforts of Kennedy Akinlosotu, has significantly advanced our mission. Their tireless work has solidified the foundation upon which we continue to build.

As the local board of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) - the oldest non-white trade organization in the United States - we stand at the vanguard of advocating for "Democracy in Housing." This mission is more than a professional commitment; it is a personal passion for me. The quest to provide equitable homeownership opportunities to the Black community in Washington is a cause close to my heart.

As I embark on this journey as your President, I am excited about the potential that lies ahead. We have an extraordinary team of committed Realtist, affiliates, and robust industry partnerships, all dedicated to advancing our cause “Equity in Housing”. Together, we will work tirelessly to enhance Black homeownership and expand housing education not just in the Pacific Northwest, but across the nation. Our focus will be on innovative strategies, inclusive initiatives, and impactful collaborations that will drive us towards our goal of bridging the homeownership gap in our community.

I look forward to working with each one of you as we stride forward in this noble endeavor. Your support, ideas, and participation are the lifeblood of this organization, and I am eager to see what we will achieve together in the days ahead.

With heartfelt gratitude and renewed zeal,

Lyle Crews, Jr. President, Western Washington Realtist

Meet Our New President

Lyle Crews, Jr.,

Western Washington Realtist, President

Lyle Crews, Jr. is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry. Currently serving as the Designated and Managing Broker at Aspen NW Real Estate, LLC, Lyle's expertise and dedication have made him a trusted name in the field. He is also a Professor for the Real Estate & BAS RCPM program at North Seattle College, where he imparts his knowledge and passion for the industry to the next generation.

Lyle's has a B.S. in Management from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Arizona, Global Campus. He is currently on a journey towards further academic excellence, pursuing a D.B.A. from Grand Canyon University, set to be completed by December 2023.

Beyond his professional and academic achievements, Lyle's commitment to the community and industry is truly commendable. He actively serves on multiple boards, holding various leadership roles in organizations such as The Salvation Army, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), Business Network International (BNI), and the North Seattle College RCPM Advisory Board.

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