“When the conversation involves Black Homeownership Western Washington Realtist will be at the table”

Nicole Bascomb, Immediate Past President, WWR

Western Washington Realtist (WWR) is The local Board of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). WWR was founded in December 2009 and chartered in August 2010. WWR is based in King County, and serves the communities throughout Western Washington.



“Reimagining the Dream of Homeownership through Advocacy, Activism and Action”

Our national goal is to bring together the nation’s minority professionals in the real estate industry to promote the meaningful exchange of ideas about our business and how best to serve our clientele. We strive to create an environment where creativity flourishes in both the workplace and the marketplace.

Why Realtist?

A NAREB member is called a REALTIST. In 1947, the bylaws of many local Realtor organizations excluded Black members and blocked Black real estate agents from using the Multiple Listing Service, a database of homes for sale, in addition to other professional resources. In 1964 the first Black Realtor was admitted to NAR. However, while many can be both Realtors and Realtist, Realtist is used out of respect to history and choice

Founded in 1947

NAREB was founded in 1947, making it the oldest minority Real Estate trade Association in America. It was formed out of a need to secure the right to Equal Housing Opportunities regardless of race, creed, or color. Since its inception, NAREB has participated in various meaningful challenges and legislative improvements, to establish Fair Housing for all..

Member Body

Although comprised principally of African-American and other minority real estate professionals, the REALTIST® organization notwithstanding is an integrated entity open to qualified practitioners of all races who are interested in achieving the ideas of the REALTIST® theme, Democracy in Housing.

The REALTIST® organization has made substantial contributions to the cause of democracy by working to provide housing for all without limitations or